My Story

My name is Sydney Barton and I started to design websites about 10 years ago out of necessity when I found that the not for profit business I helped run couldn't afford the cost of a having a website made for them. I searched the internet and found a service that provided templates which were less than ideal but usable, and started there. Because I wasn't completely satisfied I kept an eye out for other options. Eventually, I found Squarespace, which is what I use to make websites now. Since I have a design background and really enjoyed the work, I started making websites for myself and a few friends. This gradually developed into a business. 

I decided to specialize in websites for small business, non-profits and what I call "second career entrepreneurs", people who have had successful careers in business and now are ready to start out again on their own. People who always had an IT department to take care of the website details and aren't comfortable or are too busy building their business to try doing it on their own. Since I have been self employed for most of my career, I understand the challenges of small business and the need to find creative, cost effective solutions. 

In addition to a website, I can also design your logo, set up a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts. I can integrate your current email marketing or set you up with a new one and build an online store and payment gateway for your business. Take a look at the services I provide.